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Socio-emotional Learning

What is Socio-Emotional Learning?

Socio-Emotional learning (SEL) refers to skills that are a fundamental part of education and human development, focusing on the inner well-being of the child. The soft skills learnt and acquired through SEL are integral to the personal and social development of a child. This also helps children acquire skills like,

  1. Social awareness
  2. Relationship skills
  3. Responsible decision making
  4. Self-management
  5. Self-awareness
Why is Socio-Emotional Learning important?

Effective social and emotional development, reaps crucial benefits for students that include greater academic success, fewer behavioural issues, enhanced physical and emotional well-being and an improvement in peer and family relationships.

How will socio-emotional learning be taught in Dynamics International School?

At Dynamics International School, we believe in placing an emphasis on socio-emotional learning for our students. In a school that welcomes all students from different walks of life and diverse needs, it is crucial that SEL be embedded in our curriculum. SEL will be taught through periods of citizenship and character education and integrated into everyday teaching practices to establish a supportive and positive classroom climate.

As an inclusive school, the portable skills of SEL are taught and nurtured through exposure to planned opportunities and incidental teaching via

  1. Peer/buddy system program
  2. Dedicated periods for integration
    • Reading blocks
    • Interactive hours
    • Academic mentoring
    • Community Outreach
  3. Recess
  4. Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Dynamics International School aspires to promote a learning environment that fosters positive emotional development, respect, mindfulness and overall well-being.