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About Us
Dynamics International School is a boutique international school for all children at primary level. As a small school, our uniqueness lies in creating a nurturing environment, allowing your child to accelerate their learning and develop into an all-rounded individual, who makes advancements academically, socially, developmentally, and emotionally. Dynamics International School prides itself in preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s world.
Our annual fees are much lower than the average International School fees in Singapore. We offer families a reasonable option to an excellent international education. Whilst we try to keep our costs affordable, our team does not compromise on the quality of education, and continues to deliver the best learning experiences for every student.
Our team of experts have created a targeted and unique curriculum that places an emphasis on bringing up the next generation of leaders and sought-after employees. In today’s day and age, employers are looking for creative, dynamic, flexible thinkers, who are equipped with soft skills such as integrity, teamwork, and problem solving skills. Since we are small, we have the luxury to promote and encourage individual strengths and interests of each student, and, at the same time, support any challenges that may arise.
  • Inclusion is a key part of our program that exposes children to diversity in society. Our students will gain experience in making friends with children who face developmental challenges. This experience will allow them to develop compassion, flexibility and the desire to help others.
  • In an ever evolving world, the international boundaries are blurred due to the rise of global citizens and internationalization; interaction with people of different backgrounds, cultures and learning profiles are important. By giving exposure to diversity at a young age, we enrich every child’s learning journey.
  • We are not preparing and teaching our students just to learn. We are teaching them to learn for life.
DIS has two well recognized curriculums:
  • The Cambridge Curriculum
  • IPC (International Primary Curriculum)
These have been specially selected and designed for Dynamics' students, by our team of experts who excel in the field of academia, special education and therapy. Dynamics International School prides itself in preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s world.
Inclusive Classes

Being an inclusive and integrative mainstream school, we accept learners of all diversity who could be supported within the school's means. Lessons and syllabus will be taught according to the pace and ability of the students in the classroom.

Teacher to student ratio for mainstream classrooms is 1:8 and special education classrooms is 1:3.

A placement assessment will be done to ascertain the level of ability and needs of the student before placing the student in a class that is suitable.

Current Incentives


  • Dynamics International School utilizes the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) that is comprehensive and holistic. Therefore, providing every student with a universal learning experience.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Highly trained professionals – team of teachers, therapists and specialists.
  • Boutique school with lower student to teacher ratio.
  • Holistic and personal approach.
  • More opportunities for students to build meaningful relationships within a smaller community.
  • Develop greater student teacher rapport.
  • Focus on promoting interests and talents, as well as supporting challenges that may arise.

Dynamics International School (DIS) is an inclusive and integrated mainstream school; we accept students without learning needs (for our mainstream academic classes) and students with learning needs or difficulties (for our special education support classes). Our mainstream academic classes are designed for typically developing students. They will go through inquiry-based learning and research to learn. They will be nurtured to use a higher order of thinking in learning and applying concepts researched to real world situations. DIS teachers will be able to teach, coach and work with your child based on his or her strengths and interests. The learning of some students in the mainstream classes, may also be supplemented and supported by our in-house psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists, should the need arise.

  • Yes, Dynamics International School has a learning support team, consisting of Educational Therapists, Educational Psychologists and Counsellors.
  • We also have on site therapy services, for students who require extra help, such as Speech therapy and Occupational therapy.

School Hours: 8.30am to 2.30pm

  • Students will be exposed to subjects like English, Math, Science, Unit of Inquiry (IPC), Music and Physical Education.
  • Unit of Inquiry will cover subjects which are related to the themes like; Art, History, Geography, Music, ICT, Society, International learning.
  • Students will have snack period; bring healthy snacks from home
  • All students will be given opportunities to interact with each other to foster meaningful and positive relationships.

Dynamics International School welcomes all students to be part of the DIS family. As we embrace the diversity of today’s world; we strive to support our students in building an awareness that everyone is unique and we can learn and co-exist in the right environment.

Inclusive in actions, learning and thinking, we believe in teaching students in accordance to their learning profiles. Learning will take place in a multi-sensory and multi-modality manner, regardless of the class the student is placed in.

Integrated in structure, system and environment, we believe that we can create a safe and nurturing environment for students with and without special needs to co-exist in the school and develop their best holistically.