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Programme Structure

In order to provide students across Dynamics International School with experiences that are relevant, interesting and challenging, and to identify opportunities for progression, we have adopted a curriculum structure provisioning for:

  • Mainstream Support
  • Special Needs Support
Mainstream Support

Students can access the range of British National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) subjects for their Key Stage, modified in the light of their developmental level and individual educational needs. Specialist areas (the ‘additional curriculum’) are covered both within National Curriculum subjects (e.g. a student may be withdrawn to work on visual perceptual skills or independent mobility). To avoid making the curriculum too abstract; teachers ensure that learning is linked to practical activities that are consolidated and applied in practical sessions.

Transitioning to Mainstream Classrooms

At Dynamics International School we employ detailed and on-going assessment for learning to ensure a child’s readiness into the mainstream classrooms. Our multi-disciplinary staff team helps us to make the transitioning smooth and orderly for the student.

Special Needs Support

We provide support for students with special needs, many of whom have no access to the local or international mainstream schooling. Our Special Needs Support is divided into two levels:

special needs support
School Readiness Program
  • Semi-formal level designed to prepare students for mainstream schooling
  • ILP for each child
  • Influenced by British National Curriculum P Levels
  • Differentiated work.
  • Working on curriculum and bridging the gaps of their development in academic skills.
  • A conducive slow pace environment to help students acquire the necessary skills for the mainstream school.
  • Our program is designed to target curriculum and individual needs concurrently.
  • The children will also be involved in play, physical activities in our in-door gym, music and movement and art and craft activities.
  • On a weekly basis the children will also receive group occupational therapy sessions and group speech therapy sessions to boost their motor and language skills.
  • If parents are interested in 1-to-1 therapy sessions during the school hours that can be arranged for an additional discounted fee.
Special Support Program
  • Pre-Formal level designed for students with developmental delays
  • Influenced by British National Curriculum P Levels
  • Working on ILP (Individual Learning Plan)
  • Social skills
  • Creative Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Academic skills such as numbers, speech and language, cognition, etc
  • Fine and gross motor skills through music, game and play
  • Teacher to child ratio of 1:4 0r 1:1 depending on child’s ability
  • Weekly Speech Therapy
  • Weekly Occupational Therapy
  • Adaptive Daily Living Skills such as toileting, snack preparation
  • Snack and feeding habits incorporated in the program (snacks to be provided by parents)