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Our Curriculum

We have implemented the British National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum in the most effective way of ensuring that our curriculum framework is truly inclusive and accessible to children and young people with exceptionally diverse needs. Our students' achievements span the full range covered by the P scales and British National Curriculum levels.

For more details on British National Curriculum and levels, please visit – www.gov.uk/national-curriculum

For us at Dynamics International, this involves:
  • Planning and organizing the curriculum, so that all students take part in activities that are meaningful for them and address learning objectives that are relevant and challenging for them;
  • Addressing student's educational needs by means of specialist curricular approaches, e.g., using Individual Learning Plan (ILP);
  • Differentiating learning objectives, teaching strategies and approaches within each lesson so that every child is involved and has a positive learning curve - e.g., having different ability groups working towards their own ILP;
  • Supporting students to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes that will help them to have fulfilling and interesting lives in and outside Dynamics International School - for e.g., our multidisciplinary staff team, makes speech, language, occupational and music therapy an integral part of curriculum, and not ‘added on’ treatments;
  • Ensuring that all students are able to develop positive relationships with the adults who work with them; e.g., through play, exploration and interaction with skilled adults;
  • Equipping all staff to give individual support and to act as advocates for students, e.g. by being aware of activities and tailoring approaches that motivate learning;
  • Detailed and ongoing assessment for learning, so that all adults working with a student (and, where possible, the students themselves) are aware of the learning objectives in each lesson or series of lessons and able to say how far these have been met.
International Primary Curriculum
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    Dynamics International School is a proud International Primary Curriculum (IPC) member school.

    The IPC is our International Primary Curriculum for children aged 5 - 11 years old. It is used by over 730 schools in 92 countries worldwide.

    It is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum, with a clear process of learning and specific learning goals for every subject. It also develops international mindedness and encourages personal learning.

Why the IPC?
  • The IPC is flexible and can be adapted to children's interests and level of understanding
  • It can be integrated with other curriculum to ensure you're meeting statutory requirements, in a creative and engaging way
  • It offers simple but structured curriculum focused around subject, personal and international learning goals
  • With the IPC you're part of an international community of schools, teachers and learners with access to an online space for information sharing
  • IPC helps engage parents with learning, and to understand the relevance of learning in the classroom and at home
  • Assessment is done by teachers and children to help engage them with learning, and understand their level of skills and knowledge
  • The IPC encourages collaboration and reflection not just between teachers and pupils, but amongst teachers within the school and worldwide

For more information, please visit: https://fieldworkeducation.com/curriculums/primary-years